DIAB Engineering employs several apprentices each year in Western Australia and helps these young apprentices earn trade qualifications over a period of several years. Our company believes in training locally and most of our apprentices stay locally working with us upon completing their program. One of our primary apprenticeship partners is ApprentiCentre. Together we help young people learn a trade and start a career. See Apprenticeship News in the Geraldton Guardian.

We offer an extensive range of trade apprenticeships, including:

  • Electrical apprentices
  • Mechanical fitters and metal fabricators apprenticeships
  • Steel piping and poly piping traineeships
  • Rubber lagging and rubber coating traineeships
  • CNC operators and welders traineeships
  • Crane operators and forklift operators traineeships

Since our beginning in 1970, we've mentored dozens of apprentices into the trades. In 1980, DIAB Engineering was acknowledged for successfully helping 12 apprentices gain their trade certification through a partnership with ApprentiCentre and the  WA Department of Education and Training. In 2008, our company was awarded  the federal government's Minister's Award for Excellence for Employers of Australian Apprentices.


Applicants for apprenticeship and work experience positions should have:

  • A demonstrated interest in a mining career or industrial fabrication career
  • Enthusiasm and dedication to succeed
  • The desire to be part of a trusted company and career for many years
  • Integrity and respect as part of a work community made up of diverse backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and perform safely in mining and industrial environments
  • Acceptable levels of competence in literacy and numeracy, typically a completed secondary education with good marks or equivalent, or be able to pass a literacy and numeracy test

Our founder, David Payne's vision is to support the local community and the goal of the program is to train young people and give them access to a career in manufacturing, fabrication and construction.

Apply with DIAB Engineering by calling +61 8 9956-8000 or Contact Us for the apprenticeship programme.