Work Experience

DIAB Engineering selects high school aged students in Western Australia to get fabrication and mining maintenance services experience. Most work experience students apply for employment at the completion of the work experience program.


DIAB Engineering collaborates with technical and senior colleges to provide work experience in one day, two week and four week blocks. Experienced staff mentor students.


Applicants for work experience positions should have:

  • A demonstrated interest in a mining career or industrial fabrication career
  • Enthusiasm and dedication to succeed
  • The desire to be part of a trusted company and career for many years
  • Integrity and respect as part of a work community made up of diverse backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and perform safely in mining and industrial environments
  • Acceptable levels of competence in literacy and numeracy, typically a completed secondary education with good marks or equivalent, or be able to pass a literacy and numeracy test

Our founder, David Payne's vision is to support the local community and the goal of the programs is to train young people and give them access to a career in manufacturing, fabrication and construction.

Apply with DIAB Engineering by calling +61 8 9956-8000 or Contact Us for the work experience programme.