DIAB Engineering handles the transport planning and delivery of oversized equipment and components to site. Our transport and project management staff handle the logistics for

  • Workshop and site planning
  • Transport of oversized / over-mass loads and heavy haulage
  • Delivery of cranes, forklifts, scaffolds and tooling
  • Mainroads RAV permitting, height / width limits
  • Transport routing and conditions
  • Prime mover contracts and certified operators

Our transport and project management teams value and understand our customers. In 2010, our project management and transport team eliminated the need for heavy cranage at site by pre-planning the transport prior to workshop assembly and fabrication of components. The assembled equipment and fabricated components were built at the workshop to meet a low-clearance. The low-clearance allowed the transport trailer to back underneath the completed crusher and eliminated heavy cranage costs.

Call DIAB Engineering at +61 8 9956-8000 or contact us for transport experience with equipment, fabricated components, large loads and tooling.