DIAB Engineering places the highest priority on environmental conservation and sustainability goals. Maintaining the physical and community environment is not only critical to the success of the business, but also protects the residents and future residents of greater Western Australia.

DIAB Engineering installs photovoltaic green power at Geraldton Western Australia workshop

Our company took the initiative with energy conservation and pollution control. In 2013, DIAB invested in 416 solar panels. This large solar array produces a maximum of 100 KW of electricity, over 30% of the electricity used at DIAB's Geraldton Facility. See our solar story in the Geraldton Guardian, Business Section, 22 Mar 2013.

We have been proactively controlling pollution for years. Wherever possible DIAB Engineering prevents, minimises, mitigates and remediates the harmful environmental effects of construction, manufacturing and maintenance activities. At our permanent sites and mobile facilities employ

  • Capturing of hydrocarbons, separate oil from water and oil stored for recycling
  • Cleaning water from manufacturing processes and reusing water
  • Removing water that cannot be reused and having it removed by an environmental management service
  • Extracting and capturing dust, fumes and vapours