DIAB Engineering is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees, contractors, customers, visitors and communities associated with our operations. We will pursue safety excellence by:

  • Instigating and implementing effective safety management systems
  • Planning and managing all work activities to eliminate the possibility of any accidents
  • Complying with current safety legislation as a minimum standard
  • Including safety training at induction level and with continual reference in all operations to ensure employees fulfil their safety responsibilities
  • Reporting all near misses to safety meetings and assess possible remedies
  • Working effectively with all customer safety officers
  • Monitoring and analysing safety performance and reviewing policies to bring about continual improvement
  • Fostering cooperation, participation and consultation with employees and Safety and Health resource personnel in the formation and implementation of organisational programs and procedures
  • Promoting a positive safety culture thought proactive leadership of all employees
  • Ensuring a comprehensive and effective plan for the management and rehabilitation of any employee injured in the course of their duties is implemented and maintained, consistent with current legislation