Social Responsibility

At DIAB Engineering, we make a social investment in the local communities we work in. 

Over the last four decades, our company and our staff have provided sponsorship and support to a variety of meaningful local programs in sport, from swimming, tennis, football, cricket and netball to golf, polo and equestrian clubs.

We've made significant contributions to over 60 events and organisations in the last few years. Our efforts support the people that make our communities around Western Australia, especially in regional ares like the Gascoyne region, Boddington, Cape Preston, Chapman Valley, Mt Hawthorn and our own community of Geraldton.

Our social responsibility and the value we place on our communities has benefited the wellbeing and happiness of people of all ages. In addition to supporting healthy activities in our communities, we believe in developing local education and culture. DIAB Engineering has actively supported Constable Care Child Safety, Police Citizen Youth, Breast Cancer awareness campaigns and Arts Councils in small communities where we work.

As a growing member of more Western Australian communities, DIAB Engineering will continue to support the families and individuals near us.